Tips for a better consultation!


1. Basecolor: Color applied at the root area or all-over before a dimensional/creative color technique is done.

2. Contrast: Contrast is a value applied to highlights. High-contrast highlights are much lighter than the surrounding hair and provide a dramatic look. Lower contrast highlights result in a more natural look.

3. Cool: Cool is a tonal value that can apply to blonde, brunette, and red shades. A color is said to have “cool tones” if it tends toward blue, violet or green. Cool colors include platinum blondes, ash browns, and plum reds.

4. Coverage: Coverage is a measure of a haircolor’s ability to cover gray. Some haircolor formulations are too transparent to effectively cover gray hair. Redken Color Gels Permanent Conditioning Haircolor provides exceptional gray coverage with resistance to fading.

5. Dimension: Dimension is a function of the range of tones in your hair. A head of hair that is all one color is said to be “flat” or lacking dimension. Your stylist can add dimension to your hair with highlights or lowlights.

6. Double-process: A double-process color refers to anytime two color services are done in one visit. Generally this is done by doing the first color service, washing and drying the hair, then doing the second color. This can include lightening the hair then applying a toner, or doing a permanent color followed by a glaze.

7. Express Highlights: Express Highlights are done by applying a small amount of foils or painted-on pieces, usually focused on framing the face.

8. Glaze: Glazes involve using a semi-permanent color to enhance, enrich, change, match, tone down or intensify natural or color-treated hair while harmonizing contrast.

9. Hair Painting: Hair Painting, also known as balayage, is the process of free-handing or sweeping hair color, lightener or toner downwards in soft strokes directly on the surface of the desired section. This method is used to create dimension with a natural, softer look.

10. Highlights: Highlighting hair means isolating select strands in the hair and treating them with a haircolor or lightener to make them lighter than their base/natural color. Highlights can add dimension by contrasting with the rest of the hair and are created with foils, a cap or special combs or brushes used for “painting on” the color.

11. Lift: Lift is the chemical process of lightening the color of the hair. Different haircolor formulations have different lifting abilities.

12. Lowlights: Lowlights are created by using color with foils, caps, or painted on to darken specific pieces and create dimension. Generally low lights will be 2-3 levels darker than your basecolor and slightly warmer. This can be used for a more natural look or create accents within the hair.

13. Rebalancing: Rebalancing is the process of bringing the hair back into balance, and can be created with the combination of highlights and lowlights, and/or glazes.

14. Single-process:  A single process refers to any color service that is done in one step. This can be using a permanent color that lifts and deposits, a glaze, highlights/lowlights without toning, or a creative color service with only one process.

15. Texture: Texture, as defined by the diameter of an individual hair strand, is generally described as fine, medium, or coarse. Your stylist will factor in your hair’s texture when determining your best color formulation.

16. Trend Pastel: Trend Pastel refers to the softened, lightened hues of colors such as red, purple, green, orange, yellow, or blue. Pastel tones of color are meant as colorants and toning shades, and are best achieved when applied to very pale blonde hair to create for example pink, lavender, mint green tones.

17. Tone: Tone, in haircoloring, is the term used to describe a specific color—”golden” blonde, “coppery” red, “ash” brown. Colors are divided into warm tones and cool tones.

18. Warm: Warm is a tonal value that can apply to blonde, brunette, and red shades. A color is said to have “warm tones” if it tends toward yellow, orange or red. Warm colors include golden blondes, auburn brunettes, and coppery

Thinking about getting your hair colored, but have some concerns? Maybe this is the first time that you’ll be getting your hair colored. Rest assured – at our Salon, there are professionals waiting to discuss your hair color choices and make it a fun experience! Here are some tips, before you go.

Tell your stylist about yourself: If you tell your stylist about yourself, they’ll share their expert opinion! 

Bring your inspiration: Photographs and examples of haircolor you love will help you and your stylist explore your color options—and ensure that you both mean the same thing when you say, "honey blonde," or "scarlet red." In need of some inspiration? Visit the Redken Style Gallery. 

Know your history: Be prepared to tell your stylist about any prior color services, whether it was highlights last year or a color gloss last month.

Trust Your Stylist: Listen to your stylist's expert opinion. During your haircolor consultation, he or she will consider your desired result, then evaluate your hair's condition and look at your skin tone and coloring in order to create your custom color formulation.

Ask questions: If you hear a hair color term you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask your stylist for an explanation. Remember to inquire about maintenance—how often you'll need to return to the salon for touchups, and how to best maintain your haircolor at home between visits with Redken haircare products. 

We LOVE Redken Cera-fill!!!!

This past fall, Redken launched a new line called Cerafill, and we couldn't wait for it to hit our shelves! Cerafill is a line of shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids that provide instant hair thickening and hair regrowth over time. We are so passionate about this product because we know it works--we can see the results on our own clients who have purchased it and continue to get their hair done at SHD, both men and women.

Cerafill has two different lines: Defy and Retaliate. Defy should be used by those with normal to thin hair in the early hair loss stage. Retaliate is specially formulated for those in the advanced stages of thinning hair, showing obvious hair loss on their scalp.

95% of users saw definite results, and 85% of of users saw fuller looking hair after 2-4 months.

Want to know more? Read on!


The normal growth cycle of a single hair strand can last anywhere from two to six years. When hair is healthy and growing at a steady rate, it grows about a half-inch per month. When hair is thinning, the growth cycle shortens and stays in the actively growing phase for shorter periods of time.


Minoxidil is an FDA-approved medication for the treatment of hereditary hair loss or thinning in men and women. Minoxidil 2% is the only FDA-approved medication for hair loss in women.  Minoxidil 5% is FDA-approved for hair loss only in men. By starting to use Cerafill Retaliate Minoxidil you will take control of the thinning process with a product proven to help regrow hair*.  Topical minoxidil has been shown to increase the caliber of hairs, as well as to increase the amount of time that they stay in the actively growing phase. With continued use, the hairs will actually cycle back as thicker versions of themselves, rather than continuing to miniaturize.

It can take time to see results from this product. Physicians advise that their patients allow a minimum of 3 months and possibly even as long as 12 months to see a difference. The more consistent you can be, the better your results will be. You should apply a dose (1 ml) of Minoxidil Topical Solution directly onto the scalp in the hair loss area two times a day; for example, once in the morning and once at night. This is because minoxidil, the active ingredient, is working directly on the hair follicles before they grow out of the scalp. This product cannot improve the quality or growth of hairs that have already grown out of the scalp.


Ceramide: Strengthens hair fiber to prevent breakage

SP-94 + ZINC PCA: SP-94 nourishes the scalp and Zinc PCA, a known DHT inhibitor, promotes a healthy environment

Filloxane: Works on every hair strand to create a visually fuller effect

Minoxidil: Revitalizes follicles to help regrow hair*


Cerafill Dense FX provides an instant thickening effect on the hair shaft—it’s like gaining 9,000 more hairs after one use! Filloxane in the formula helps plump up existing hair to increase diameter by 9% and instantly create the look and feel of fullness.


 While there is no "recommended diet" for great hair, it is essential that your body receive all the required daily nutrients for overall good health. A daily multivitamin can generally provide what most individuals need. There is data that supports the role of biotin in improving hair health, because infants who lack this in their diet can develop a patchy alopecia. Most people get sufficient amounts in their diet, but adding it as a vitamin cannot hurt. Other supplements possibly linked to hair thinning include zinc, vitamin D and iron. Before starting any of these, you should consult with your doctor.


While everyday stress does not cause hair loss, major physiologic stress certainly can. It is worth looking at your life to make sure you have a healthy balance of work and play. While there is no evidence that getting a weekly massage will help regrow your hair, it is important to make sure you have enough time to take care of yourself, eat well, exercise and have time for relaxation. 

You can also take significant steps to help protect your hair from the elements. This can involve wearing a hat when you are outside, spritzing hair with an SPF spray, and minimizing the amount of heat and chemicals applied to the hair. Beware of the risks of overexposure to ultraviolet rays, wind, cold and pollution because they can all have an effect on your hair’s appearance. Protecting it from the elements is just as important a step as the products you choose.

*Continuous use of Minoxidil is needed to maintain hair regrowth. If you stop using Minoxidil, the normal hair loss process will start again and you may lose your newly regrown hair In three to four months. The amount of hair regrowth is different for each person. Minoxidil will not work for everyone. Stop using product if you do not see hair regrowth after 4 months and see your doctor.

Have more Q's? For more info check out Redken's FAQ page:

Stop in to SHD pick up some Redken Cerafill today! 

UV rays and hair protection tips


Going on vacation somewhere warm and sunny? (We are sooooo jealous!) We're all aware of the risks we face by exposing our skin to the sun's rays. While skin cancer isn't a concern for your hair, the sun can damage your hair with prolonged exposure. UVA and UVB rays have the power to damage the hair from the cuticle to the inner structure of the hair. Signs of sun damage to your hair can include: faded hair color, dry brittle hair, broken or split ends, frizzy hair, weakened and thinning hair. We've been hearing your concerns about protecting your hair from the sun and we have some answers for you! 

What can I use on my hair to protect it from the UV rays? 

Sun bleaches natural and artificial hair colors alike. You can protect the color pigments in your hair by using a color guard hair care series with built-in UV filters. Such shampoos, rinses, masks and hair sprays are made to protect against the summer sun. Conditioning agents bring brilliant colors back to your hair by infusing it with proteins and vitamins, while antioxidants and light filters protect the hair pigments from the bleaching effects of the sun.

SHD Recommends...

  • Biolage Colorlast Shine Shake: Evenly polishes to illuminate hair while conditioning moisture seals in depth. Equipped with UV protection and great for all hair types!  
  • Redken Satin Wear 02: This prepping blow dry lotion provides a frizz free finish with silky smoothness! It also reduces friction and breakage and is packed with UV filters to protect color from fading.
  • Pureology Color Fanatic 21 Benefits: Shields against environmental damage, color fadage, and moisturizes parched hair. Spray in clean, damp hair and dry as usual.

Should I color or highlight my hair before or after vacation?

For hair color, we say YES if you want to have your gray covered before vacation, but in most events your hair color will fade from the sun. If you want to be more blonde, hi-lights in combination with the sun will bump you into a brighter hue faster. Get a trim too! Trim those dead ends off so they don't become worse with the sun, water and wind exposure. 

Can I use hair accessories to shield my hair from the sun? 

Absolutely! A hat is best way to protect your hair from the sun's rays is to block the exposure to the sun. Whatever the hat you choose, most hats provide 100% protection from the sun's rays. Of course, if portions of your hair hang out of the hat, you'll want to protect that in other ways! A swim cap is also great while swimming. Ideally, hair should never be exposed to intense UV light, which applies particularly to the midday sunlight between 11 AM and 3 PM. Sun hats, sun bonnets, caps and bandannas provide great UV protection. If head wear is not your cup of tea you can still use hair spray with UV guards. Both hats and hair spray protect against UVA and UVB rays, keep more moisture in the hair and prevent bleaching. It is best to use the UV-protective hair spray before leaving the house rather than after your arrival at the beach, the park or on the tennis court.

I'm back from vacation and my hair smells like chlorine from the pool and feels dry. Is this normal, and what can I do?

While hair does not get sunburned, it is still damaged by the sun, wind, salt water or chlorinated pool water. After a swim in the ocean, salt crystals may form in your hair and increase the damage to your hair. The crystals work like tiny burning glasses, which bundle and focus the sun’s rays. Whenever possible, you should therefore rinse your hair under a fresh water shower after a swim in the ocean. Exposure to these elements disturbs the otherwise smooth cuticle layer of the hair. As a consequence, the hair gets dryer, rougher and more brittle to the point of appearing straw-like. The hair’s color pigments are bleached out at the same time. Luckily, this is not inevitable. Simply use our winning hair care strategies along with some clever UV guards and your hair will be as splendid as summer’s glory! 

We also offer Malibu treatments for $10. A Malibu is a cleansing/moisturizing treatment for your hair. Your hair is clarified with a cleansing shampoo, then the Malibu gel is applied. You will sit under heat for 15-30 minutes, as the treatment removes build up from damaging chemicals such as chlorine and saltwater. (Also great for those with hard water at home!)

Don't Forget These Final Tips

Half the battle of protecting your hair from the sun happens when you're not even in the sun! 

  • Clarify! If you're using a UV protection in your hair, don't forget to use a clarifying shampoo once a week. SPF will build up on your hair shaft and a clarifying shampoo can remedy that. For lots of build up, try a super clarifying treatment.
  •  Protect Your Part! Use full strength SPF directly on your scalp where you part your hair. The scalp's direct exposure to the sun in that manner can burn and peel! Hit your ears with the sunscreen as well!
  • Maintain Moisture! Weekly deep conditioning treatments will help keep the damage by the sun at a minimum. Because the sun breaks down the hair's protein (keratin) its important to use a deep conditioning treatment with protein or keratin.
  • Just Say NO!... to alcohol, peroxide, lemon juice, and "sun activated hair lightening" products. Check the labels and stay away from hair products that contain high levels of alcohol or peroxide. And please, do not try to lighten your hair using lemon juice or other sun activated hair lightening products. These products will cause your hair to dry out faster and will speed the process of damage caused by the sun.



New Services!


Winter blues getting you down? We have just the cure! As you may or may not know, we have added a few new services to our menu at SHD. These services include eyelash extensions, chemical peels, airbrush makeup and new pedicure upgrades! Come in to try a new service and escape the cold weather outside!

Eyelash Extensions

Create thicker, fuller looking lashes with eyelash extensions! Individual synthetic lashes (synthetics are great for those with sensitivities, they are also cruelty-free) are applied to your individual lashes on your upper eyelid to create a natural look. They can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks with maintenance fills to keep them looking full. The initial application is $200 with maintnence fills ranging from $50-$65. 

Chemical Peels

chemical peel uses a chemical solution to smooth the texture of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers. A chemical peel is one of the least invasive ways to improve the appearance of your skin. A chemical peel can help improve acne or acne scars, age and liver spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, irregular skin pigmentation, rough skin and scaley patches, scars and sun-damaged skin. We have 3 levels of chemical peels at SHD. Levels 1, 2, or 3 are $90, or pamper yourself with a facial mask and massage for $120.

Airbrush Makeup

Do you desire a flawless makeup look for your special day? Airbrush foundation can last a minimum of 8-12 hours because it is waterproof, and the pigment does not rub off when hugging guests at a wedding, or when putting your dress on. For airbrush, we begin by prepping your skin with minimal concealer, then airbrush foundation is applied, followed by optional bronzer and/or blush. Then lipstick, eyeshadow, and other finishing touches are added to comeplete the look. An airbrush makeup application is $45. 

*NEW* Pedicure Add-Ons

$10 Add-On: Detoxifying Mud Mask

This unique product helps hydrate and gently exfoliate dull skin. The mud has been micronized to create a smooth texture then blended with powders of Lavender to reduce inflammation, Chamomile to soothe and calm, and Rose to nourish the skin. Natural minerals and trace elements stimulate the lymphatic system to help release toxins and leave the skin firm and refined. 


$5 Add-On: Hot Stone Foot & Leg Massage 

During a hot-stone pedicure, we place heated, smooth, flat stones on top of and underneath your feet. The heat from the rocks relaxes your muscles and stimulates pressure points in your feet. We massage your fatigued lower leg muscles and sore feet with these warm stones, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed!

Our pedicures are $38 without any add-ons, and include callus softening, a sugar scrub, hydrating mask, and a foot massage. Upgrade to one or both of our add-ons and your feet will thank you!

We can't wait for you to come in and try our new services! Call (616)784-5550 to make an appointment today!

Do you color your hair at home?

Happy New Year! As you know, SHD LOVES our clients. We want the best for you, always. And with a new year and the health of your hair in mind, we want to inform you of something very important you may not be aware of: Metallic Salts and Henna. 

There are still box dyes on the market today that use Metallic Salts, an ingredient used in hair color since the 1800s. You don’t use Candlestick Phones from the 1890s, right? Why not think the same way with your hair and treat yourself to some innovation. Metallic salts build up on the hair causing each time you use that box dye or Henna (the supposed "natural" hair color) for your hair to darken PAST your desired result. Not to mention that if you ever want to go lighter, Metallic Salts are difficult to remove for even the most savvy hairdresser (we’ve seen lots of smoke and smells, it’s not pretty). What’s worse? The building up of the Metallic Salts will over time begin to make the hair feel hard to the touch.

Here’s the problem: metallic salts, aside from being chemical manipulators, do not mix well with any other chemicals. If you color your hair with a metallic-based dye, you will be limited on changing your color or adding deep treatments. The adverse reactions to other chemicals could result in hair chemically smoking/burning and potentially melting off. And these added bonuses: dry out the hair, damage the follicles, dull the sheen, and make the hair become overall brittle. Just stay away.

"But Henna? Henna is natural! It’s organic and healthy!"

While it's true that some chemicals ARE organic, the ones found in nature, the color of pure henna is brown. Metallic Salts are added to Henna to make it more red (warmer/copper tones) or less red (cooler tones). And Henna may not take evenly the first few times you use it causing you to have to do it several times, thus depositing more and more harmful minerals onto each strand of your hair.

Aside from Henna here’s a list of some of the box colors that use Metallic Dyes:

-Nice ‘N’ Easy


-Grecian Formula


What to do if you used these? Be patient. You have gotten yourself into a special category of client called the “corrective color client”. Chances are it will take several visits and some patience to get rid of what you have. Even if you’ve only done it once. Patience and time will be rewarded with healthier better feeling hair in the long run. Quick fixes just result in quick damage. So color safely.

SHD always offers free consultations if you want to change your hair and want to know the cost and what it will take to achieve your desired result. We also offer true organic haircolor that is free of: carcinogens, synthetics, sulfates, gluten, parabens, formaldehydes, and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.  The cost of a professional color is worth the integrity of your hair. You wouldn't dare give yourself botox or minor medical procedures by yourself at home! Leave it to the licensed professionals and let us help keep you healthy and HAPPY!